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Reflective Roof Coatings 2014 Annual Meeting


RRCI's 2014 Annual Meeting

Details Coming Soon!!! 

2013 Fall Technical Meeting
October 15-16 - Berkeley, CA

2013 Annual Meeting
February 7-8 - San Antonio, TX
RRCI’s 2012 Mid-Year Technical Meeting
June 24, 2012
Bally’s Las Vegas


RRCI’s 2012 Annual Meeting
February 21, 2012
Orlando – Embassy Suites, International Drive


RRCI’s 2011 Fall Working Meeting
Keeping the Momentum
October 26, 2011
RRCI Headquarters - Kansas City

RRCI’s 2011 Mid-Year Technical Meeting
Wednesday, June 22nd
Orlando, FL


RRCI’s 2011 Annual Meeting
Reflectivity = Sustainability in Today’s World
February 16, 2010
Harrah’s Las Vegas

For a full list of past RRCI meeting presentations, attendee lists and more including the 2012 Mid-Year Technical Meeting, please visit our post-meeting page, you must be a RRCI member.  For a list of upcoming RRCI events, visit our online calendar

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